Thunderstrike - Operation Phoenix (Playstation 2)

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Take to the sky in a heavily armed state-of-the-art battle chopper in ThunderStrike: Operation Phoenix by Core Design. This sequel to the earlier ThunderStrike games is set in a near future world paralyzed by fear. All of the world's great nations have been simultaneously attacked in a global assault of ruthless terrorism. The world's super powers band together in a secret project of retaliation code named Operation Phoenix, each nation contributing all the technology and military resources it can muster. This puts the player in control of the most advanced combat vehicle ever created, on a mission to wipe out the nefarious forces that have nearly brought the world to its knees.

The player flies the advanced chopper into arcade-style battles that are fast-paced and full of violent explosions. Action takes place in detailed 3D environments featuring realistic equipment and reactive enemies. The latest technological advances, such as night vision, shockwave bombs, and satellite communications, must be used to the greatest advantage if the player is to survive the counter attacks of the enemy. Two players can compete in a head-to-head deathmatch, or join to smite the forces of evil together in the game's cooperative multiplayer mode.