Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 (PS2)

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EA SPORTS' fourth title in the Tiger Woods series features a new 3D engine and several different features to set it apart from previous games starring the professional golfer. Four authentic courses consist of Pebble Beach, TPC at Sawgrass, Princeville Resort, and England's Royal Birkdale. Three fictional courses include Copperhead Canyon, Black Rock Cove, and Tiger's Dream 18. In addition to Tiger Woods, players can compete as or against motion-captured likenesses of Jesper Parnevik, Vijay Singh, and more.

The shot system once again makes use of the left or right analog stick to simulate the swing of a club, which involves pulling back on the stick for the back swing and pushing it forward in one straight line for the follow-through. Players can also punch, flop, and switch to a half swing for more precise shots. Once the ball is airborne, players can adjust the spin or its speed. Modes of play include an 18- or 36-hole Tournament, The Skins Game, Stroke Play, Match Play, Scenarios, Tiger Challenge, Speed Golf, and Practice.

Each mode earns cash, which can be used to unlock courses and improve one of six player attributes. Big money is awarded for winning events as well as making certain shots, such as finishing a putt over 25 yards or saving par after landing in the water or a sand trap. Trophy balls can also be earned for achieving specific milestones like driving over 350 yards, hitting all greens in a round, or getting six birdies in a row.

Tiger Challenge, Scenarios, and Speed Golf help distinguish this title from similar golf games. Tiger Challenge is a one-on-one competition against 17 male and female players for the right to unlock them in the other modes. Scenarios offers 25 goals to accomplish on the links, while Speed Golf is a race against the computer or a friend on a vertically split screen. Players literally run to their golf balls after hitting them, with faster play taking money away from their opponent. A game of Speed Golf ends when the opponent's bank account is drained.