Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf (Playstation 1)

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Product Information
Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf is the fourth PlayStation golf title from Electronic Arts and first to promise you'll play 18 holes within 30 minutes. Play as the champion or one of seven other PGA Tour pros on five different 3D courses: TPC at Southwind, TPC at Summerlin, TPC at Las Colinas, TPC at Sawgrass and TPC of Scottsdale.

There are a total of eight different modes of play: Practice, Stroke Play, The Skins Game, Tournament, Shoot-Out, Foursome Match, Four Ball Match and Tour Play, with the latter making its debut in this release. Tour Play lets you play in a season of five four-round tournaments referred to as events. Participating in each event will earn you money, but the goal of winning the major is your main incentive.

Also new to the series is the option to use the analog control stick to perform your swing. This involves pressing back and the moving in a forward motion, trying to be as straight as possible. The faster the analog movement, the more powerful the shot. Fans of previous games need not worry, because the traditional three click method has also been included. Another option is the "Tiger Charge," which allows you to swing the full distance potential of the club as long you continue to achieve par or win holes. The Tiger Charge is activated whenever you break par or best your opponent on three consecutive holes. Speaking of opponents, if you play with a friend you can perform a taunt by pressing the buttons while he or she is up to swing!