Titanfall (Xbox 360)

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Product Information
Combining fast-paced action, story-driven gameplay, and giant mechanized robots, Titanfall is an online multiplayer shooter that sends gamers to the frontier of space and drops them in the middle of an extended conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and a group of pioneers, mercenaries, and pirates calling themselves the Militia. Combatants include a variety of powerful and heavily armored robot Titans, and agile Pilots, who can take control of Titans or exit the machines and quickly maneuver around the battlefields thanks to jetpacks and parkour skills.

Though originally developed for mining, cargo transport, and exploration of inhospitable lands, Titans can also be outfitted with various kinds of armor, weapons systems, and unique abilities. Titanfall gets its name from the term used when a Titans are dropped into the middle of the battlefield, an event akin to the kill streak rewards from other popular shooters, and one that can quickly turn the tide of combat. A countdown clock lets gamers know when a Titanfall will be available, and players can expedite the process by killing enemy Pilots. The action lets up to 12 humans battle one another online, with the rest of their squads being populated by AI bots.