Tom Clancy's The Division (Playstation 4*)

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Gamers engage in MMO shooting action in the chaotic, post-pandemic streets of New York City in Tom Clancy's The Division. It takes less than a week for basic services to crumble after an unknown terrorist group taints bank notes with smallpox on the busiest shopping day of the year, and various factions begin vying for control in the new power vacuum as food, water, and power grow scarce. Players act as a member of the Strategic Homeland Division, a classified group of self-sufficient tactical agents trained to stay in catastrophic situations and do whatever it takes to rebuild society.

Gamers carry a variety of weapons and explosives as they battle their way through the open, destructible environments, teaming up with other players and occasionally getting help from what's left of New York City's emergency responders and National Guard soldiers. Unfriendly factions include the chaos-loving Rioters, the former prison inmates known as the Rikers, flamethrower-toting sanitation workers called the Cleaners, and a mysterious paramilitary unit that calls itself the Last Man Battalion. As players battle these groups they will earn experience points and money to change their appearance and purchase upgraded gear and weapons. The separate PvP Dark Zone mode lets gamers find and control more powerful weapons the military left behind in a highly contaminated area, but other competitors can steal these weapons unless players load them onto a helicopter and get them out of the Dark Zone.