Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2X (Xbox)

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Product Information
This special Xbox release of the hugely popular Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is designed to be the most comprehensive version of the game for any platform. In addition to the levels available in earlier releases of the title (for platforms such as the PlayStation, PC, and Dreamcast), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X also includes all the levels from the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater, as well as three new areas designed exclusively for this edition of the game. The trick system in all levels is based on that of the more advanced sequel game, allowing players to perform THPS2 moves, like the manual, in original THPS areas, like the warehouse.

As in other versions of the game, players skate through a variety of 3D areas, either as an actual professional skateboarder or as a custom-designed character, stringing together a variety of trick moves for points. Tricks include ollies, grinds, spins, flips, grabs, and more. Each trick added to a string multiplies the final score for the combo by another factor but also increases the risk of a bail, for which no points are awarded at all. Meeting high score targets and accomplishing other goals award the player with cash at the end of the run, which can be used to purchase better character stats, new boards, and signature special moves. Improved skaters can perform even more impressive tricks and combinations.