Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (Xbox)

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Product Information
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 features a completely new engine from the previous three releases in Activision's acclaimed skateboarding series. Areas of focus include larger, more expansive levels and in-depth goals integrated into a revamped Career Mode that eliminates the time meter. Each of the 14 available professional skaters has been remodeled from 3,000 to 4,000 polygons, allowing for more realistic looking characters.

Worlds are also designed to be more realistic than in versions past, with interconnected areas like college campuses and zoos featuring pedestrians and pro skaters to converse with. Speaking to characters is important, since the goals and objectives needed to earn money are revealed, such as destroying kegs at a frat party, jumping across moving parade floats, knocking over football players, or racing to catch friends before being caught by security.

All of the pro skaters found wandering around the worlds speak to players using the voices of their real-life counterparts. After completing a pro's goal, players can access a separate option to add bonus items to the courses like ramps, rails, and quarter-pipes, while cash earned from other goals is used to purchase new threads and skateboards. Players can also save their hard-earned money to unlock a hidden skater or bonus level.

Also new is a technique called the spine transfer, used to lengthen the combo strings. By performing this move at the right time, the skater can jump atop a lip or surface like a balcony before transitioning to another trick. In addition to the Create-a-Skater and Park Editor features, a number of mini-games are available, including a variant on tennis (using skateboards as rackets), a basketball shootout, and more.