Tony Hawk American Wasteland.

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Since first rolling onto PlayStations in 1999, the Tony Hawk skateboarding titles have lead the way for an entire subgenre of "extreme sports" video gaming. American Wasteland is designed to pull away from the pack, by offering a wide selection of customization choices and bringing its environments to life with new technology. American Wasteland's highest scoring trick is probably its sprawling, freely-roamed game world, which is the size of a virtual metropolis, and can be traversed and explored from one end to the other with no breaks or load times.

Set in the "birthplace of skate culture," Los Angeles, CA, American Wasteland features trick-heavy challenges in a Grand Theft Auto-styled urban playground, through which players can travel anywhere and choose from (or ignore!) numerous story- and side-missions they find along the way. For the first time in a Tony Hawk game, players can choose to ride BMX bikes throughout the entire adventure, but there are plenty of new tricks available for veteran boarders as well.