Tony Hawk Downhill Jam (Nintendo DS)

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Product Information
Perform tricks at breakneck speeds -- while racing down steep terrain against three other riders -- in Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. Play as Hawk or another of eight pre-made customizable riders that may be customized by spending in-game cash change the look of the shirts, pants, and boards. The DS can also record custom sounds to play as your boarder hits a gap, bails, and so on, to distinguish him from others in four-person wireless competition. You may also store replays, download opponent's best runs, and chat with other players using the microphone.

Skateboards come in all shapes, sizes, with a choice of modern boards, old school "fishtails," long boards, and 1970s skateboard models. Each of the events is focused on getting to the bottom of a hill as fast as possible while performing sweet tricks and avoiding obstacles like cars, pedestrians, and buildings. However, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam also includes medal challenges found in each level that offer alternate goals to achieve.