Too Human (Xbox 360)

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Based on Norse legend, Too Human is the story of the ongoing struggle between gods, man, and machines. After disappointments and failures to develop the game on the original PlayStation and GameCube, Too Human finally finds a home on the 360. Gamers take the role of Baldur, the Norse god of joy, goodness, and forgiveness. However, this game is not about forgiveness, and Baldur's weapons are not full of joy. Baldur must protect mankind against a powerful nation of machines who desire the end of human life. Players lead Baldur through several environments and levels as he defeats enemies and earns points to upgrade both his powers and weaponry. Gamers use a combat system designed to seamlessly integrate both melee and ranged-weapon attacks to defeat their foe. The single-player campaign is also available for cooperative multiplayer action through Xbox Live or a system link.