Top Gear Rally 2 (N64)

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Kemco's Top Gear series has been around since 1992 and the Super NES days. Top Gear Rally 2 marks the third N64 entry for the series. While the original Top Gear Rally was developed by Boss Game Studios, development chores were passed on to Saffire Corporation for this sequel.

Top Gear Rally 2 focuses on authenticity and realistic point-to-point racing, which means courses are not divided into laps. In fact, the American Rally Sport Group endorses the game. The included ARSG Rally School teaches drivers rally techniques and lets them earn certifications. Furthermore, sponsorship from Toyota, Subaru and Mitsubishi means there are 15 authentic cars.

As far as cars go, they can be customized fully. Actually, the Championship modes incorporate real-time damage that affects your vehicle. There are six status indicators at the bottom of the screen that change from green to yellow to red as they wear down. Then you have to repair the parts after each race.

Tracks in Top Gear Rally 2 aren't official courses, but they have the same qualities. You can expect narrow roadways, every environmental condition, and lots of hills and bends. Top Gear Rally 2 also includes a unique random track generation system.

Top Gear Rally 2 contains three modes of play plus options. The Championship mode, which is only for one player, pits you against three other drivers. Each course contains multiple legs, and the object is to finish with the best overall time. Your goal isn't to beat the other racers, because the cars start one at a time and there are the multiple legs to consider. 

There's a Team Championship mode, too, where you and a friend work together as a team in a split-screen format. Finally, the Versus mode is for one to four players. In this mode, however, you don't have to worry about damaging your car.

Options are limited in Top Gear Rally 2. Only controller configurations and audio levels can be changed. Finally, the game supports the Controller Pak to save three Championship games and the Rumble Pak to let you feel all the rough terrain.