Top Spin 3 (PS3)

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2K Sports' leading tennis series returns to the virtual courts in Top Spin 3. The game's revamped controls are designed to feel natural and straightforward for those new to the series, yet still permit advanced players to make accurate lobs, smashes, drops, and other precision-spin shots. The PS3 edition of the game is compatible with the PlayStation Move accessory, allowing players to wield their wands as tennis rackets in off-the-couch gameplay. Presentational updates include television-style camera angles, cut-aways, and commentary, as well as more realistically responsive crowds in famous venues such as Arthur Ashe Stadium, Rod Laver Arena, and the O2 Arena in London. Top Spin 3 also features the deepest roster in the series to date, with both past and present stars of the sport including Andre Agassi, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Ana Ivanovic, and more than 20 others. Each athlete is re-created with a "Signature Style," encompassing appearance, attributes, attitudes, and custom-animated swings and stances. In addition to playing as or against famous professionals, gamers can create their own custom character, to lead through an up-and-coming career and onto championship tournaments.