Tork Prehistoric Punk (Xbox)

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Tork is a spirited, bola-swinging caveman with an ability to magically transform into a yeti, armadillo, and a flying squirrel as he embarks on a multi-level quest to save his father from a band of warriors. While Tork begins his adventure in the familiar but deadly Stone Age, he will eventually travel through time in levels taking place in the Medieval Age and the Age of Machines. To complete his quest, Tork must defeat a number of enemies while avoiding such hazards as earthquakes, dinosaurs, geysers, catapults, landslides, and more.

Tork's ability to call upon the animal spirits will help him during his journey, as each new form grants him special powers. As the yeti, for example, Tork can smash through walls to create avalanches or slam enemies into the ground with one brutish maneuver. The armadillo transformation lets Tork use its armor plating to ward off attacks and the animal's ability to tuck into a ball to bowl over enemies. Tork can glide from high above the ground as the flying squirrel as well as rocket toward potential threats with the animal's torpedo attack.