Tourist Trophy (Playstation 2)*

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Product Information
A motorcycle-racing simulator with an abundance of options, Tourist Trophy lets players choose from over 100 bikes from makers like Buell, Ducati, and Kawasaki, and race them on one of 35 real and fantasy tracks. Custom rider option let you choose how your character looks and handles a bike, while a quick-play "Arcade" mode lets you pick a race and go. Play a one-on-one race, a time trial, or a regular race that allows you to race using modified bikes.

"Tourist Trophy" mode challenges you to a variety of races, but before you hit the pavement, you'll have to earn a license. There are four license levels that you can earn: Novice, Junior, Expert, and Super. New motorcycles and equipment become available with each new level. Once a license has been secured, move onto "Challenge" mode and earn a bike by competing in race events that also open up extra bikes and gear as rewards.

The game's "Replay Theatre" lets you watch your race and capture pictures of your bike in action. A "Photo" mode lets you take snapshots of a scenic ride. Real-world photography options, including exposure, depth of field, and framing, can help you take the perfect picture. Create onscreen slide shows or print pictures by connecting the PlayStation 2 to your home printer via USB cable.