Toy Story 2 (N64)

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Woody needs some help! While Andy is away at Cowboy Camp, Woody is accidentally placed in one of the boxes set aside for a garage sale. After an unscrupulous toy collector named Al snatches him away while Andy's mother is occupied, Buzz Lightyear has to take matters into his own hands.

Not only did Buzz owe the pull-string sheriff for saving his life not so long ago, but he couldn't let poor Andy down. Luckily for Woody, Buzz managed to catch a glimpse of the toy collector's license plate as he made his hasty retreat. Now Buzz has to gather his toy friends and rescue his pal before Andy gets back!

Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 2 is a 3D platform game based on the computer animated movie of the same name, which made its premiere on November 24, 1999. As toy astronaut Buzz Lightyear, your goal is to reunite with Woody by traversing through five different zones, each composed of three levels.

The first zone involves escaping from Andy's house and making your way outside to explore the neighborhood. The next zone finds Buzz Lightyear traveling through a construction yard at night as well as through rainy alleyways and gullies before advancing to the third zone, where he'll catch up to Al's Toy Barn. 

The fourth zone involves Buzz climbing his way up the elevator shafts leading to Al's penthouse before eventually coming face-to-face with the Evil Emperor Zurg. If Buzz can defeat his nemesis, he'll need to reach the airport in time before Woody is shipped to Japan!

Throughout each zone Buzz can meet up with Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Slinky Dog and Hamm for some advice or a chance to earn either a Pizza Planet Token or a special power-up. Other ways to earn tokens include racing on a level's obstacle course, collecting coins for Hamm, solving a puzzle or defeating a particular enemy.

The Pizza Planet Tokens are used to access the five different zones, and there are a total of five tokens available on each level aside from the boss stages. In order to succeed, Buzz must fire his laser weapon, spin attack, push objects and jump to avoid obstacles or enemies. The fearless astronaut can also climb poles, slide down zip lines and perform super foot stomps to activate machinery or to press buttons.

Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue! features both Rumble Pak and Controller Pak support. With a Rumble Pak accessory, players will be able to feel vibration feedback as they make their way through the 15 levels of the game. The Controller Pak is needed in order to save progress at the end of each level, allowing players to resume their quest to save Woody after the console is switched off.