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Taking its cue from the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and SSX series of titles, TransWorld Surf is a solid digital re-creation of the sport. After signing up for the Pro Tour, players must choose from one of 13 real-life pros, including Taylor Knox and Rochelle Ballard, and then pick a board. The various surf locations (nine in all) span the entire globe from Australia to Tahiti and provide surfing conditions that range in difficulty. You'll also be able to tackle the surf at different times during the day.

The trick system allows player to pull off laybacks and floaters as well as aerial maneuvers. Through careful manipulation of barrels, players can rack up massive combo scores, but just as in the real world, you'll need to watch your speed or risk getting sucked into and then smothered by the wave. Each stage has a number of objectives to complete, and range from scoring points to riding through incredibly long barrels. Some objectives require that you pull off a trick within range of a photographer. There are also a set of more outlandish objectives that must be completed, such as freeing dolphins from fishing nets or avoiding boats and obstacles in the water. Surfers and sea creatures populate the many locations, and depending on how you interact with each, your Karma meter will change accordingly. Little regard for either will see you abused by the other surfers or even attacked by the marine life.

You can also take part in competitions, which consist of three, three-minute runs. In these events, points are deducted whenever you bail or mistreat your fellow surfers. Single Session, Free Surf, and Multiplayer make up the remaining modes, though the focus of the game obviously lies with the Pro Tour mode.