Trick'n Snowboarder (Playstation 1)

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Product Information
Fresh off the slopes comes Capcom's Trick'N Snowboarder exclusively for the PlayStation. It features a wide variety of distinctive and realistically designed courses ranging from two different half-pipes and a snowboard park to Alpine courses and a large jump ramp specifically used for stunts and tricks. There are also a few hidden goodies/tracks waiting to be unlocked!

In addition to the various tracks, there are a few different gameplay options including the Scenario, Versus, Edit, and Free modes. The Scenario mode has the player assuming the role of an up and coming snowboarding star. After joining the Extreme Tour, he sets off an adventure of fame and fortune; players travel around the world competing in various tournaments while gathering material for a snowboarding video.

Winning competitions and getting good footage will depend on the player's ability to perform exciting stunts and tricks. Everything found in the actual sport of snowboarding has been included; players are able to execute 360s, grab, and flip their snowboard. Don't confine yourself to just one aerial maneuver -- mix them up and keep the stunts interesting!

When players aren't filming their movie and trying to get extraordinary stunts on film, other challenges await. The Versus mode pits two players in a heated one-on-one battle for ultimate snowboarding supremacy. Played from either a horizontal or split screen viewpoint, the object is to either get more points than your friend or finish a course in the quickest amount of time.

For the creative types, Capcom included an Edit mode in which players may customize any given snowboarder. Don't like the clothing and/or color scheme? Change them! Think that character would look better with a different brand of snowboard? Roll with it -- it's up to you and your imagination! The customized snowboarder can then be used in any of the gameplay options including a Free mode in which players are given absolute freedom to practice courses and/or tricks.

Trick'N Snowboarder supports the Dual Shock Analog Controller by incorporating both analog control and the vibration function into gameplay. Players may also utilize a Memory Card for saving data, Scenario mode progression and customized snowboarders.