Triple Play 2000 (Nintendo 64)

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Product Information
Electronic Arts' first baseball game for Nintendo 64 features 30 authentic Major League Baseball teams and over 700 players with ratings based on the 1998 season. Four game modes include Single Game, Home Run Challenge, Season, and Playoffs. All 30 ballparks have been modeled after their real-life counterparts, and games can be played at night, dusk, or during the day.

Two viewpoints are shown in each game: batting from the catcher's perspective and fielding from a view above the diamond or outfield. Both offer three camera angles to further customize the perspective. An action camera is also available to show TV-style cut-scenes while the ball is in play. Team management options include trades, substitutions, custom players, free agents, adjustable rotations or lineups, and multiple defensive formations.

A Controller Pak with 107 free pages is required to save player and team statistics, created players, roster adjustments, and game settings. Triple Play 2000 also supports the Rumble Pak and Expansion Pak for vibration feedback and high-resolution graphics, respectively. Jim Hughson, the voice of NHL 99 on Nintendo 64, reprises his role as play-by-play announcer. While both versions offer similar content, the PlayStation game's draft option is not available to Nintendo 64 owners.