Turok Evolution (Playstation 2)

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Take the role of the progenitor Tal'Set as he first comes to the Lost Lands in this next-generation prequel set at the very beginning of the Turok saga. While in the heat of an Old West battle with lifelong enemy Tobias Bruckner, Tal'Set is suddenly pulled through a dimensional rift into a strange new land. The hero is close to death as he first finds himself in the Lost Lands, but is rescued by the inhabitants of a small village. Tal'Set agrees to help the villagers stand against their greatest threat, the merciless ruler Lord Tyrannus and his reptilian armies. This war becomes more personal when Tal'Set realizes that Bruckner was also pulled through the rift to the Lost Lands, and that he now serves the evil Lord Tyrannus.

Turok: Evolution runs on a new game engine built with 128-bit generation consoles in mind. Environments are designed to be lively and interactive, with realistic water and landscape features, full of indigenous plant and animal life. The game's artificial intelligence is also designed to present believable behaviors, with alert enemies that react naturally to their surroundings and allied squad-mates that can take cover, position themselves strategically, or even surrender. As in previous releases in the Turok series, gameplay is a mix of stealth, tactics, and first-person shooter action.