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Acclaim's successful Turok series, which had previously appeared only on Nintendo and PC platforms, debuts on next-generation systems with Turok: Evolution. Designed using a new 3D engine, the series returns to its comic book roots with a storyline taking place before 1997's Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. As Indian warrior Tal'Set, players will find themselves exploring thick jungles and ancient ruins filled with 32 different species as they begin a quest to stop nemeses Captain Bruckner and Lord Tyrannus from overtaking the Lost Land.

The first-person shooter features 15 upgradeable weapons, ranging from bows and war clubs to flamethrowers and plasma cannons, which can be used on enemies as well as the environment. Players can shoot at trees or rock columns, for example, so they collapse on a structure or a group of enemies. Each environment offers destructible elements allowing for greater flexibility in completing objectives. Locales feature suspended cities, a river village, a dinosaur graveyard, various fortresses, and more as players hunt and stalk the enemy creatures guarding the areas.

There are also times when the hero can climb the back of a Pterosaur and use it to fly to places otherwise inaccessible. The viewpoint switches to a third-person perspective during flight sequences, where players can assault enemy compounds or engage in aerial dogfights using the winged beast's dual machine guns and homing missiles. Other missions involve stealth and squad-based combat, as players will quickly discover they are not alone in the struggle to free the Lost Land from its enemies. Fourteen deathmatch variants are also included for multiplayer competition, from capture-the-flag to sniper matches, allowing up to four players to battle each other on a split screen.