Ty 2 the Tasmanian Tiger Bush Rescue (Xbox)

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The boomerang-flinging feline who debuted in his own 2002 3D platform adventure returns to 128-bit consoles in this down-under sequel. Once again, Ty is on a quest to rescue his fellow Tasmanian tigers from captivity, and once again, the cantankerous cassowary known as Boss Cass stands in his way. Luckily, Ty is armed with his trusty boomerangs, which are now available in 21 upgradeable varieties, and he can seek out new "Mech Units," which offer him a variety of different powers and abilities when equipped. Bush Rescue also features a number of combat and puzzle-solving levels in which Ty must pilot land vehicles and aircraft. The adventure leads the hero through a variety of Australian environments, stocked full of friendly, indigenous creatures.