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Disney's Ultimate Band is an every-kid's answer to air-guitar aspirations and fantasies of fame, inspired by the play of harder-rocking rhythm games aimed at teen-and-older audiences. Unlike Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Ultimate Band makes exclusive use of the motion-sensing Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and does not require any additional, instrument-shaped controllers. To play drums, bass, or rhythm guitar, players simply hold a controller in each hand and mimic the motions. One player can also take the role of the group's leader, who takes center stage to pump up the crowd with energetic movements. All four band-mate characters are highly customizable, from gender and coloring to clothing and accessories. Story plays a central role in the game, as players earn their way to pop stardom, from anonymous garage band to contenders in a nation-wide "battle of the bands" contest. Ultimate Band features original renditions of 30 songs from the pop charts of the past 50 years, including "Fell in Love With a Girl," "My Generation," "Whip It," and the Jonas Brothers' "Hold On."