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Xbox-equipped living rooms get Unreal in 2002. This multiplayer-oriented first-person shooter has been built from the ground up for state-of-the-art performance on Microsoft's Xbox, using Epic Games' latest Unreal technology. The game has been developed to bring across key elements of the favorite PC series while adding new features and aspects of play just for this decidedly console-based release.

Weapon distribution is more straightforward, allowing players immediate access to the guns they've "unlocked" instead of forcing them to search the hallways for spawn points. An energy bar rises with consecutive kills and powers-up the player's character when full. The game's control scheme is also custom designed for the console, using both analog sticks and context-sensitive movement and aiming.

Several modes of play are available, including a single-player tournament. Realizing the importance of multiplayer options to the series, Unreal Championship supports online connections through the Xbox's broadband equipment. Four-player split-screen matches are also an option, as well as direct console-to-console "LAN" parties.