Urban Chaos Riot Response.

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Product Information
Urban Chaos is a first-person shooter that has players donning the badge of one Nick Mason, an ex-Marine and current officer of an elite counter-gang task unit known as T-Zero. His task is to respond to the city's most dangerous areas to help rescue hostages and combat a ruthless mix of marauding miscreants. Mason will be joined throughout the game with firefighters, paramedics, and police crews to quell uprisings throughout city streets, dilapidated buildings, and back alleys. Since Mason's rivals are armed with Molotov cocktails, throwing axes, assault rifles, and more, players will be able to protect themselves with a riot shield that can also be used to bash nearby foes. Online support is included for team-based competition in nine emergency scenarios. Players can fight as the police or against them while they attempt to defend or to destroy each faction's objectives.