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Vertigo takes the rolling gameplay of Marble Madness and adds a futuristic racing component, sending players hurtling through nine game worlds and 54 obstacle-filled courses. Gamers play as a Xorber, a member of an elite racing team that travels around treacherous courses in large spheres known as a Xorbs. Players travel through three-dimensional space, rolling down hills, launching over ramps, searching for shortcuts, and collecting power-ups. Xorbs have customizable shells, bodywork, and hatches, so gamers can fine-tune their craft, and each of the three racing classes offers unique control attributes. Solo gamers can take on "Arcade," "Career," "Practice," and "Time Trial" modes, while up to four players can compete in "Time Trial," "Xorb Football," "Death Match," and "10-Pin Xorb Bowling" modes. Vertigo makes use of the Wii's motion controls and is compatible with the Wii Balance Board, so gamers can literally twist and turn as they teeter on the precipice of the floating courses.