Virtua Fighter 4 (Playstation 2)

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Considered the series that founded the 3D fighting style of video games, Sega's Virtua Fighter returns to home consoles with this release. The PS2 version of Virtua Fighter 4 is designed to offer the same rich presentation and, more importantly, the same solid gameplay of the instantly successful coin-op version of the title. The PS2's Virtua Fighter 4 features the same cast of characters and assortment of battle locations available to arcade gamers. Detailed fighters, vivid visual effects, and deformable arenas have been translated with care to Sony's 128-bit generation console.

Two new characters join 11 veterans of the series for a selection of 13 fighters, each with a different style based on actual martial arts techniques. New counters and defensive moves let characters adjust their stances in the middle of a bout. Other new features are available only to home gamers, including accessories to customize a favorite character and the opportunity to prove one's skill in ranking tournaments. Players can also "train" an AI-controlled fighter, who can be built up through sparring then let loose in a real contest. Developed by series creator Yu Suzuki and AM2, this fourth Virtua Fighter game is designed to live up to its impressive heritage, at home as well as in the arcade.