Virtua Fighter 5 (Playstation 3)

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Product Information
Virtua Fighter 5 allows gamers to become one of 17 existing gladiators or take on a completely new persona by creating a character from scratch. Players may customize four separate costumes with a variety of accessories and weapons that feature a list of special abilities or are purely for aesthetic purposes. However, a ten-point system restricts the amount of items players can equip. Each trinket has a set point worth and once ten is reached no more items may be added to the fighter. Gamers can earn money for additional attire by winning matches and tournaments.

The existing avatars come from previous titles in the series and include newcomers El Blaze and Eileen. Each duelist comes to the ring with their own fighting style and finishing moves. In terms of gameplay, players have four modes to select from including "Dojo," "Arcade," "Replay," and "Versus." "Replay" records the brawl between two computer-guided characters for later viewing. Multiplayer action is available for two-player competitive action in a variety of environment based on real locations.