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Warhawk on PlayStation 3 continues Sony's futuristic flight combat franchise 12 years after the original swooped and barrel-rolled its way onto PlayStation. Once again the game involves piloting a heavily armed aircraft in a war between two fictitious factions. Pilots have the option to use the motion-sensitive Sixaxis controller to fly their ship, allowing them to pitch, yaw, and roll simply by tilting the input device in different directions. Unlike the original, which only featured a single-player campaign, Warhawk on PS3 is an online multiplayer title supporting up to 32 combatants. The game also expands the action to include vehicles such as tanks and jeeps, and players can even engage rivals on foot, take control of stationary turrets, and more.

Four modes of play include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and "Zone," with the latter a race to capture and control as much territory as possible. Warhawk features 25 maps and an assortment of weapons to master, which vary depending on the player's vehicle or role. Cooperative play is also available on the same system, with the game automatically switching to a split-screen perspective when a second player joins the fray. To help facilitate communication between teammates, the game supports both Bluetooth and USB headsets. The collector's edition of Warhawk, available only at retail outlets, includes interviews, game demos, behind-the-scenes content, and a Bluetooth headset. The game-only version of Warhawk is also available to purchase and download via Sony's PlayStation Network.