Wario Land Shake It (Wii)

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The Mushroom Kingdom's greediest garlic lover reprises his role of irrepressible 2D platformer anti-hero in Wario Land: Shake It!, a game that lives up to its title. Players hold the Wii Remote sideways, like an old NES controller, to guide Wario's running and jumping with the D-pad and buttons. A shake of the controller at the right time and place can set bombs bursting or blockades crumbling. The motion-sensing controller can also be used to shake coins from a moneybag, or the daylights out of an otherwise nasty adversary.

Once Wario has made it to what one might normally consider the "end" of a platform level, a little bird points a new path back to the start. Wario may find boost blocks to power him up with a speed and obstacle-busting momentum that looks to rival Sonic's own -- although he'll surely be tempted to slow down and grab as much loot as he can on his way back. Other levels have Wario riding unicycles and piloting submarines, using the tilt of the Wii Remote to keep in control.