Waverace Blue Storm (Game Cube)

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  • Hop aboard your high-performance personal watercraft and leave the competition in your wake with this successor to 1996's Wave Race 64. One of only three titles available for the September 2001 Japanese launch of the Nintendo console, this tweaked-out jet ski racer is designed to offer fast-paced action and comfortable control. Like the N64 original (and other earlier titles such as the PlayStation's Jet Moto or the Dreamcast's Hydro Thunder), Wave Race: Blue Storm blends a sophisticated physics model of realistically dynamic water surfaces with an accessible control scheme for the powerful craft that race across them.

    Though the goal is to be first to the finish, racers who can perform impressive stunts and tricks along the way are rewarded with turbo boosts. In turn, turbo boosts can allow the racer to blast through to otherwise inaccessible areas and shortcuts. The game features completely revamped versions of all of the courses from the original Wave Race 64 as well as new levels designed especially for this 128-bit generation sequel. Modes of play include a single player story mode, in which new tracks and other special features can be unlocked, and multiplayer options that allow up to four racers to compete at once.