World of Outlaws Sprintcars (PS2)

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World of Outlaws features the niche sport of sprint car racing, in which competitors slide around oval-shaped dirt tracks at speeds of up to 170 mph. Australian developer Ratbag has included two distinct play modes: Arcade, where players can embark on a full Championship season, compete in Time Trials, or enjoy a Single Race, and Career. When competing in Career mode it's possible to obtain a sponsorship to supplement income earned from winning races. This money can then be spent on repairs, purchasing new vehicles, or on traveling to compete in different events around the world.

Racing in World of Outlaws involves several steps. First players must qualify by driving two timed laps before entering one of two heat races against 11 opponents. If they finish in the top six, drivers will advance to the Trophy Dash to determine their spot in the final "A Main" event, which takes place at night. Unlike traditional forms of motor racing, the majority of time is spent going sideways as drivers attempt to power-slide into corners and then drift slowly out of the turn to gain speed. With a dozen vehicles on the track at once, multi-car crashes can occur, causing cars to flip into the air and spin out.

Debris from crashes can litter the track and any damage incurred during pile-ups will remain for the duration of the race. World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars 2002 features 12 authentic tracks, actual drivers, multiple camera angles, user-controlled replays, and a number of tuning options in the following areas: stagger, wheel spacing, ride height, shock type, torsion bar, wing position, wing pitch, quick change, and weight jacking. A Hall of Fame screen stores the fastest lap times for each course, career performances, and unlocked movies.