Wrestlemania 2000 (N64)

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Product Information
Wrestlemania 2000 is the first game to result from THQ nabbing the WWF license. If you've seen the semi prequel, WCW NWO Revenge, you probably already know how this game ticks. Developed in Japan by folks who know wrestling, this is an extremely comprehensive pro wrestling simulation.

Over 50 WWF superstars have been stuffed into this game, and there's room for plenty more thanks to the detail rich wrestler edit features. What's more, all your favorite wrestlers have managed to retain their introductory songs and Titantron video introductions. Even the vocals are here!

For the nostalgiast, you can even break out the edit mode and recreate the immortal Hulk Hogan of yesteryear complete with his nearly trademark "I am a real American" theme song. The editing mode is comprehensive in other words. With several thousand situational moves to assign your created wrestler, and a wide variety of body types, you should be able to create almost any wrestler you can imagine.

Wrestlemania 2000 also offers a variety of play modes for the electric armchair sports entertainment athlete. In addition to the ability to play though an entire year's worth of a wrestler's career in the Road To Wrestlemania mode, you have the ability to create your own Pay Per View events, and for fun, you and your friends can face off in steel cage matches, King of the Ring tournaments, tag team matches, the Battle Royal, and even three way matches.