Wu-Tang Shaolin Style.

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Battle an evil warlord named Mong Zhu as members of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan in this 3D fighting game featuring nine playable characters. Master the martial arts as RZA, Method Man, Raekwon, GZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Masta Killa, U-God, Inspectah Deck and Ghostface Killa. The Story Mode starts you off in a courtyard area called the Hub, which resembles a city intersection with four separate alleys. Each alley leads to a fight against specific enemies from the Mong Zhu clan.

Overcome challenges by successfully demonstrating Shaolin skills, and learn different fighting styles in your quest to become a Wu-Tang master. Completing each task will earn you one of 36 possible "chambers," which will gradually unlock secrets. Reveal 50 fatality sequences, hidden characters, new arenas, concept art, and other special features. In addition to the Story Mode, the game includes a Versus Mode supporting up to four human- or computer-controlled characters at the same time.

Versus Mode offers a choice of arenas, characters, and handicap options. There are also two types of games. "Original" gives each character a specific number of lives, with the winner being the last one standing. "Advanced" introduces a kill limit to the free-for-all, with the first person (or team) to reach the limit declared the winner. Wu-Tang Clan: Shaolin Style also features a practice option to help you learn each character's special moves. Three exclusive songs from the group were created specifically for the game and are included in the soundtrack.