WWF Attitude (N64)

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Product Information
WWF Attitude is a professional wrestling game featuring four play modes, dozens of match styles, and a custom wrestler creation utility. Up to four players can play WWF Attitude simultaneously, using the 30 default World Wrestling Federation wrestlers, custom wrestlers, or hidden superstars.

WWF Attitude's default play mode is the exhibition mode. Here, one to four players can tangle in various types of matches including tag matches, one-on-one, tornado matches, lumberjack matches, and gauntlets, among others. The exhibition matches are for fast game sessions. They have no bearing on career simulations.

For players who want to control a particular wrestler's rise through the ranks of the WWF, then the career mode is the choice to make. In the career mode, the player's chosen wrestler will face off against other WWF superstars in house matches and in televised events. With each win, the wrestler climbs higher in the WWF rankings until it's time to make a challenge for the heavyweight championship. Career mode works with single wrestlers, tag teams with two human players, and tag teams with one computer player and one human player. Players can save careers for later sessions using an N64 memory card.

King of the Ring mode pits up to eight wrestlers against each other in a single elimination tournament. The winner advances to the next round. The loser is out of the competition. Players can choose to play each round, or they can simulate matches in order to advance to higher rounds.

Pay-per-view mode allows players to set up their own special WWF television events. Players name the event, set up the matches, and design the stadium. Pay-per-view events have no bearing on career matches in progress.

The Create a Player mode in WWF Attitude allows gamers to create both male and female wrestlers to go up against WWF superstars. Custom wrestlers start with 25 attribute points. By winning different kinds of matches, custom wrestlers can earn more points for a maximum total of 36.

WWF Attitude features 30 WWF superstars from the late 1990s including D'Lo Brown, Edge, Gangrel, Triple H, Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and others. WWF Attitude reveals hidden superstars at different points throughout the game.