WWF No Mercy (N64)

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Product Information
Publisher THQ's fifth wrestling title for the Nintendo 64, WWF No Mercy seeks to improve upon the weaknesses of its predecessors. In the graphics department, the game uses the same engine found in WWF WrestleMania 2000. Still, a number of new animations have been added to increase the realism of the characters. Another one of the major changes is the addition of wrestlers. As any fan knows, the world of wrestling is constantly shifting, with new athletes being added on a weekly basis. As a result, WWF No Mercy sports a number of the newer WWF members, including Kirk Angle, Chris Benoit, and the Hardy Boys.

The gameplay has also been tweaked in a number of ways. For instance, a weapon grabbed from the crowd in WWF No Mercy will not disappear when knocked from the player's hand. Instead, it will fall to the mat and wait to be reused. Another feature is the Special Referee match, which lets the player control the match's outcome. If you are overseeing a match with your favorite wrestler, you can help swing the fight in his favor. The player can regulate the timing of the three-count, and even lay the "smackdown" on a hated foe. In addition, a Ladder Match option has been included. This allows players to recreate the excitement and tension of the classic ladder bouts.

As with all the Nintendo 64 wrestling games, WWF No Mercy is a four-player game. It also supports the Rumble Pak accessory to provide vibration feedback for every punch, kick, and body slam. Fans who also own the Transfer Pak will be able to transfer data from the Game Boy Color version to purchase items or upgrade their favorite wrestlers.