WWF Smackdown (PS1)

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Product Information
THQ managed to wrest the WWF license away from Acclaim for no less than ten years (as of 2000). THQ then went to the respected Japanese wrestling game developer Yuke's Co., Ltd, who produces the Toukon Retsuden series, and told them to make a game worthy of The Rock. WWF SmackDown! was the result of this collaboration.

Based on the prime time UPN WWF television show that made its debut in September of 1999, WWF SmackDown! tries to capture all elements of the typical WWF broadcast. While all the usual mayhem involved within the ring is present, including a Season mode, I Quit matches, Falls Count Anywhere and the like, the game takes a more global approach to the WWF as it also offers a story mode. Now you'll be able to directly experience the backstage drama that is an integral part of a WWF broadcast. You'll develop rivalries, make allies and try to defend your best interests.

You'll be get the chance to play as over 30 of the top WWF superstars from the year 2000. Your superstar of choice will be able to make a bold entrance thanks to the authentic Titantron footage that plays before the wrestler makes their entrance. The attitude will be thick in the arena after a win thanks to the authentic post-match victory poses and exit themes. You'll also get to create your own wrestlers with the Create a Wrestler Mode, and unlock hidden personalities and wrestlers during extended Season mode play.

Players will also get a variety of arenas and backstage areas to face off in as they enter the Smackdown Hotel. You'll be able to feel the electricity as you throw your opponent up the ramp and drag his pathetic carcass off to the kitchen, the parking lot, or even the boiler room.

So know your role and get ready to bow down to the masters. The people's game has arrived, so get ready to "layeth the smacketh down" on the entire WWF roster present in the game. To be in the game, you have to beat the game.