WWF Warzone (N64)

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Think you're ready for the big time? Are you longing to challenge the world's best wrestlers? If so, the glitz and glamour of the World Wrestling Federation is yours for the taking in Acclaim's WWF War Zone. Choose from 16 of the following wrestlers in your bid to become champion: Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Triple H, Ahmed, Faarooq, The Undertaker, Mosh, Kane, Mankind, British Bulldog, Bret Hart, Goldust, Rocky Maivia, Thrasher, and Ken Shamrock.

The heart of the game is the WWF Challenge, which has players advancing through four distinct stages. Each stage involves winning a certain number of matches to earn the Intercontinental Championship Belt and then the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Be prepared to compete in grudge matches along the way, special challenges demanded by defeated opponents. Since there are only three shots at the title, players have to keep winning or the game will end.

Other play options include Versus, Tag Team, Cage, Weapons, Royal Rumble, Training, and the N64-exclusive Gauntlet mode, where users try to defeat six consecutive wrestlers. A Create Player mode lets mad scientists tweak a grappler's appearance, special moves, personality, theme music, and attributes in five areas: strength, toughness, speed, recovery, and charisma. Up to 30 custom wrestlers can be saved to the Controller Pak. WWF War Zone also features three difficulty levels, four-player support, three camera angles, and an adjustable match time limit.