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Acclaim's Extreme-G series of futuristic racing games continues with the release of XGRA, short for Extreme Gravity Racing Association. In addition to the high-speed races across 14 twisting, loop-filled courses, the game emphasizes a league-style atmosphere, complete with real-time commentary during competition, a fleshed-out background on the sport's history, and the ability to compete for lucrative contracts by catering to corporate sponsors. The setting is the year 2080, and the main attraction is the SiNN Global Championship, where cutthroat racers from around the world gather to compete in a deadly season of weapons-based racing.

The career mode, referred to as 2080 Season, features multiple race types across five classes of competition. Each new format features a twist: endurance races extend the number of laps, peacekeeper races remove each cycle's weapons, while speed limited races ban the use of turbo. Other formats include extreme weather races, which affect handling, burn off races, which reduce the number of laps, and warmonger races, which add gun turrets on the courses and reward those who kill off the competition. As players progress through a career they can earn contracts with special incentives. Instead of wearing apparel, however, players receive extra cash for targeting specific rivals on the course.

Two additional game modes are supported: Arcade and Time Trial. Arcade races allow up to four players to compete on courses unlocked in the career mode. Time Trial also supports four players simultaneously as they attempt to shatter course records. XGRA features a total of eight racing teams, each featuring signature weapons, sponsors, and handling tendencies. By winning championships or by completing secondary objectives such as destroying a rival company's billboard, players can unlock new, more powerful bikes with improved speed, shielding, acceleration, and more. There are also two distinct soundtracks selectable from the options menu: a choice of rock or dance music.