Your Shape - Fitness Evolved (Xbox 360)

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Product Information
Ubisoft's fitness franchise continues with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for Kinect. The most notable feature is the ability to project your body directly into the game using the Kinect's camera and the software's custom body recognition technology. You can then have a personal trainer work with you on achieving specific fitness goals or participate in interactive yoga, martial arts, or tai chi classes. Also included are various mini-games, such as dancing or target practice, to keep you moving.

Feedback on your form throughout each exercise as well as the calories burned and scores for each activity are tracked and can be shared with friends and family online. In addition to the hundreds of on-disc exercises, Fitness Evolved also supports downloadable content for more routines. Fitness experts Michael George and Michelle Bridges serve as your on-screen instructors for martial arts and weight loss, respectively. You'll also be able to challenge other owners of Fitness Evolved online via Xbox Live.