Yourself Fitness (Xbox)

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Product Information
This Xbox program is designed for women who are interested in staying physically active and healthy. In all, Yourself!Fitness contains more than 450 different exercises, to help players work on everything from cardiovascular health and weight loss to upper-body strength and flexibility. The game uses video to demonstrate concepts and techniques, and computer power to organize programs and calculate progress toward personal fitness goals. This is all brought together by the game's host, a fitness expert named Maya.

Maya is a polygonal character, rendered in near-photorealistic detail, who is programmed to act as realistically as she appears. When the game is first used, Maya asks the player a number of questions that help her custom-design a fitness program for the user. She'll ask about gender and current weight, and have users perform actions that help her determine their upper- and lower-body efficiency. Then, she will consult with the player to set up a workout program, with exercises that focus on particular goals and a schedule that fits the user's lifestyle

The personal interaction does not end here, however, as Maya will continue to monitor the player's progress through the following days and months. She may ask additional questions, both health-related and personal, and will remember the answers for future "conversations." Through the magic of video game technology, users can choose both the background scenery and music used for their workout sessions, from a wide selection of possibilities in many different styles. Though aimed squarely at female users, the game's programs can work just as well for men, too.