Yu-Gi-Oh - The Dawn Of Destiny (Xbox)*

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The first Yu-Gi-Oh! release for the console, Dawn of Destiny adapts the explosively popular fantasy trading card game for play on Microsoft's Xbox. The title follows the official card battling rules, while bringing the expansive Yu-Gi-Oh! bestiary to life in full 3D. Duelists can watch the results of the cards they play come alive in real-time 3D battles, or use the game's Library feature to browse the hundreds of monsters featured in the game. The total number of cards available in Dawn of Destiny is well over 1,000.

Up to three decks can be built and stored, and the game's deck-building interface is designed to be easy to use. The single-player mode allows fans to duel against favorite characters from the animated series, while the game's "Link Duel Mode" lets two human opponents go head-to-head. As with many earlier Yu-Gi-Oh! releases from Konami, Dawn of Destiny comes packaged with three (actual) game cards, including the Egyptian God Monster card "Winged Dragon of Ra" (a collector's item which may not be used in official rules duels).