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Designed specifically for pre-teen gamers, Zubo offers players a quirky mix of rhythm-action and traditional role-playing elements. Developed by EA's casual Bright Light studio, Zubo sends gamers to the land of Zubalon, where Lego-esque characters known as Zubos are fighting an epic battle against the megalomaniacal Zombos. Players can explore the land, befriending Zubos and feeding and caring for each character in order to increase their strength and skills for the inevitable Zombo battles. Music plays a big part in Zubo, and as players explore the ten lands of Zubalon they will discover plant life that sings, spend musical note currency, and battle enemies by using the stylus to tap the touch screen in time with a musical beat. There are a total of 55 different Zubos to meet, and a number of mini-games keep the action varied and light-hearted.